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We booked a guaranteed bus route with Poster Identity for a 1 year period in Derwentside. This was to give brand awareness for our newly opened Consett store. We were more than happy with the feedback that we received as a result of this advert and we will have no hesitation in using the services of Poster Identity again for future store openings.

Screwfix – www.screwfix.com

A testimonial

Specsavers – Middlesbrough

We have had such good response from the roundabout advertising that we have booked through your company over the last 4 years.

Specsavers – www.specsavers.co.uk

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Watsons Funeral Services

You advised us to book a Billboard in Gateshead and you explained it would be the perfect location for our business. Five years later we are still advertising there with you...you could say that it has worked very well!!

Watsons Funeral Services – www.newcastlefuneraldirectors.co.uk

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Trade Flooring 4 You

Thank you for your help Paul in getting us a great price to advertise our company on Smooth and Heart Radio over the last year.

We are really impressed with the number of adverts that we receive each and every day for our price and at the times of the day that we hear them.

Trade Flooring 4 You – www.tradeflooring4you.co.uk

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Marden High School

Really happy with our Metro Station advert booked through your company last year, so much so that we have renewed with you again for another year, thanks Paul!

Marden High School – www.mardenhigh.net

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McLean Academy Cosmetic Surgery

We have worked with Paul & Hayley from Poster Identity now for over 7 years and have always found them to be very helpful and professional at all times. We seek their advice on all of our advertising matters and both of them have become friends of ours as a result.

McLean Academy Cosmetic Surgery – www.mcleanacademy.com

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Celestial Windows & Conservatories

Thank you for identifying great roundabout locations for us. We started with one panel four years ago and now we currently have seven on display, we are really pleased with the effect that they are having.

Celestial Windows & Conservatories – www.celestialwindows.co.uk

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Karpet Mills

We are now advertising on six of your guaranteed bus routes over the next twelve months, this will enable us to get repeated maximum awareness of our adverts in our targeted areas. Thank you for your call, we look forward to working with you on other great opportunities that you may have on other types of media in order to make our business stand out even more.

Karpet Mills – www.karpetmills.co.uk

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